Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday To "CreationS - The Essence of Arts"

Its ‘Essence of Arts’ First Birthday today!! Its a Party time. 
And to celebrate this lovely occasion, I’m announcing an exciting Give away…

The give away is a PRINT of one of my favorite and very close to my heart …
Now… for the fun part… This is how you enter the ‘Give away’..

  1. If you like what you see, become a follower of my blog (on the sidebar) and leave me a comment.
  2. If you are already a follower, simply leave me a comment. 
  3. For a second chance, please announce the giveaway on your blog and leave me another comment.
  4. This will also help other people join in the ‘give away’.
  5. If you are a non blogger, please leave me your email address in your comment… I’d love for you to participate as well.
  6. If my work inspired you to create something, leave me a comment and send me an e-mail of your work.
And remember, this ‘Giveaway’ is open to all readers worldwide… 
The winner will be announced on 13th of June 2011…

From June 1st Some of my blogger friends will participate this celebration with their guest post. 
They will share something about them and some creative Ideas.. 
Don't forget to check their post too..

Good luck everyone!! 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lotus Pond

Lotus Pond - Acrylics on 12" x 16" Canvas

A pond with Beautiful Lotus flowers... Gorgeous view explained by great artists.
 Lotus in the pond, this was something I wanted to make since so long.
 I've created that effect in my previous paintings 

I made this painting two days back but I was not that much satisfied with the back-ground effect.
It took almost 2 days to finish, and during this time I've tried many things..
But I am happy, finally I have finished this. 
And I am so happy, This is something I was imagine all the time.

See you soon guys, and Don't forget to check my post on 29 May 2011.
Its a birthday of "Creations" and a surprise 'give-away'..!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

CreationS on Sound Horn Please..!!

A many Thanks To Divya, who featured  my "CreationS" on "Sound Horn Please"..!
On April 14, 2011 Divya featured my paintings on her blog,
but during that time I had fun talking with her..!
Thanks for all your Support.

And Thanks to all beautiful readers of Sound Horn Please who appreciated my work.

To read  MORE about this post you can click here.
I will be back with a big party..!!
Did I share here..?? "CreationS" will complete one year this month end.
So I am preparing for that..See you soon.. Take care.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Recent Feature on Once Upon A Tea Time...

I forgot to share some "Happy" moments here.
And I am sharing links where my work was featured.
Thank you so much Priya, that posts was lovely.
Priya  featured this on March 22,on her blog, Once Upon A Tea Time....

I am glad that my artwork was featured on such a well-known blog and readers of Once Upon A Tea Time..
 gave me such a wonderful support and appreciated my work.
Click here to read more about my post on Priya's blog.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

માતૃત્વ (Motherhood)

માતૃત્વ ( Motherhood) - Acrylics on 12" x 16" Canvas.

Happy Mother's Day..!!
Mother, (માં, माता,) many name but one meaning " Unconditional Love".
The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. And the only day when you cry and your mother smiles.
 Mother's love for her child is some thing that one can not compare. And no other person in this world can take that place in a child's life. A best teacher and a best friend. 
There are many quotes for mother in every language, and there is one in "Gujarati"
"જનનીની જોડ સખી! નહી જડે રે લોલ."
This is a try to express "માતૃત્વ" (Motherhood) through this painting.

Adding few lines of the same song..
અમીની ભરેલ એની આંખડી રે લોલ,
વ્હાલનાં ભરેલાં એના વેણ રે 
જનનીની જોડ સખી! નહી જડે રે લોલ.

Enjoy your day...!!

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