Sunday, May 8, 2011

માતૃત્વ (Motherhood)

માતૃત્વ ( Motherhood) - Acrylics on 12" x 16" Canvas.

Happy Mother's Day..!!
Mother, (માં, माता,) many name but one meaning " Unconditional Love".
The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. And the only day when you cry and your mother smiles.
 Mother's love for her child is some thing that one can not compare. And no other person in this world can take that place in a child's life. A best teacher and a best friend. 
There are many quotes for mother in every language, and there is one in "Gujarati"
"જનનીની જોડ સખી! નહી જડે રે લોલ."
This is a try to express "માતૃત્વ" (Motherhood) through this painting.

Adding few lines of the same song..
અમીની ભરેલ એની આંખડી રે લોલ,
વ્હાલનાં ભરેલાં એના વેણ રે 
જનનીની જોડ સખી! નહી જડે રે લોલ.

Enjoy your day...!!


  1. gorgeous.. very very pretty!!

  2. Beautiful work,SO lovely ideas behind!!!

    M<My hugs,

  3. hi,really i expected that you'll comeup with something relates to mom and kid for mother's made my expection into reality.luv the work.

  4. Very Very Beautiful!

  5. your work is always beautiful. the last time I showed my daughter your paintings, she was inspired to do something like this with a gift for her are the images..

  6. Rachna , you are truly an amazing
    artist.Your work is so colorful and vibrant.simply beautiful.Great to know you.

  7. Rachana, the painting is just beautiful! great work as always.

  8. The baby's face looks so peaceful!

  9. Beautiful.. You have got amazing talent Rachana, Loved them all :)

  10. Lovely painting... Love the calm face of the baby sleeping in her mom's warmth ...!!!


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