Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday To "CreationS - The Essence of Arts"

Its ‘Essence of Arts’ First Birthday today!! Its a Party time. 
And to celebrate this lovely occasion, I’m announcing an exciting Give away…

The give away is a PRINT of one of my favorite and very close to my heart …
Now… for the fun part… This is how you enter the ‘Give away’..

  1. If you like what you see, become a follower of my blog (on the sidebar) and leave me a comment.
  2. If you are already a follower, simply leave me a comment. 
  3. For a second chance, please announce the giveaway on your blog and leave me another comment.
  4. This will also help other people join in the ‘give away’.
  5. If you are a non blogger, please leave me your email address in your comment… I’d love for you to participate as well.
  6. If my work inspired you to create something, leave me a comment and send me an e-mail of your work.
And remember, this ‘Giveaway’ is open to all readers worldwide… 
The winner will be announced on 13th of June 2011…

From June 1st Some of my blogger friends will participate this celebration with their guest post. 
They will share something about them and some creative Ideas.. 
Don't forget to check their post too..

Good luck everyone!! 


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO your blog.i think mine is your first's my pleasure to join your giveaway.sure will state your give away in my blog.what to say about creation on your blog is itself your inspiration,that you if i wonna send you a post,then i hav to send my blog pics itself.then will mail you in detail.

  2. Wow!its a party time :) Happy Birthday to "Creations - art of essence". as you know i am a big fan of your work and loved each n every bit of your art. its really amazing to see your blog or can say your baby got one year old. :)

    your blog is truly & absolutely inspiration for who want to do something their own & wants to express their emotions...

    wish you all the very best to you Rachana and your blog! hope it completes many more years! and we could see lots n lots of more creative side of yours:)

    love & Hugs... XO
    Abhilasha Jain
    (Mish Mash Design)

  3. Hey Rachana!! Congrats and many many best wishes on the first birthday of your blog!! Love all your paintings always.. You paint from your heart and your passion, honesty and emotions show on the canvas..Keep it up!! I wish you all the success for the future..keep it up!!!


  4. Oh.. Rachana.. Happy Birthday.. Happy Birthday.. Can you send me some cake now?

    I totally love your work.. and you know that.. So do add me on top of that 'give away' list.. *smiles*..

    I'll announce your give away on my blog this week.. and will post a comment too..

    Good luck with everything!!

  5. HAPPY B'day! And CONGRATS on the b'day!

  6. Check my blog for announcement of your blog give away.i done a small featuring ,hope u'll accept it.

  7. congrats wish ya many more milestone,will sure announce about ur giveway in my blog,.keep up the good work,.luv ur work,.

  8. Happy Birthday.That is a gorgeous painting.The lady carrying the pitcher of water has a lovely pair of eyes.Superb.

  9. Happy Birthday to your blog and thank you for giving such a beautiful giveaway of yours!

    Following your blog as well.

  10. Yay ! happy birthday to Creations!
    I am so glad that not only did I discover your beautiful blog(and all your lovely lovely paintings)but got a chance to know you too.You are as wonderful as all your creations.Wish you more creative years ahead ,coz we will get to see more of your colourful and soulfulpaintings.congratulations again to you Rachana.

  11. Hey guys..!! Just came back from vacation and I am so happy to see all these comments..!

    Thank you so much guys..!!
    Wait for many more lovely guest post from my blogger friends..!

  12. WOW!! is all I can say about this painting, and I would love to win it. And a very happy b'day to Creations. I'm a non-blogger but have bookmarked your beautiful blog.

  13. Happy Birthday to your blog :)

    Discovered your blog today only...And got lucky...

    Your blog inspired me and gave me so many ideas to decorate my home in different ways...Now got so many things to do on the weekend..

    Congratulations on such a fabulous blog...

  14. Rachna, hearty congratulations on your blog birthday! you must feel great!
    You are truly talented and your paintings are splendid. Wish you many many years of successful blogging and painting.
    I have frequented your blog so often, now becoming a follower.*smiles*

  15. super!! happy bday..count me in for the giveaway..yaya!!

  16. I shared the giveaway on my facebook page!

  17. hey..happy bday to your blog rachana...

    i loved this painting dear...sply because it reminds of old india or actualy indian villages wow...

    which paiting is this? i mean technique?

  18. i have also posted this candy on my blog post.. :D

    have lots of participants..

  19. happy birthday to your blog.. U make such awesome painting i loved all of them..

  20. Hi! Happy Birthday!!!! Just discovered your blog. Very nice work keep it up!

  21. Hey forgot to mention my email id in the comment...

  22. Way to Go Rachana, Many Congratulations!! I someday wish to own an original of your's , and of course...I have to tell you this...I loved "Maya"..


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