Friday, June 15, 2012

Sakhi - A Dear Friend!

Everyday we meet many people but among them we make few friends!
Friends are special, And I would say If Some one stays with you like your shadow in your  happy or tough moments, is your best friend.
In Sanskrit "Sakhi" use for a "Female Friend".

Sakhi - A Dear Friend, Pencil on 11"x15" water color Paper (140lb )

I have never work work pencil, infect pencil shading is something I never tried. You have seen my previous sketches, even I am surprised that how I made it only with pencil.!!!

The one thing I loved most is their expressions, they came our so good, just the way I wanted.
One is holding a bird with Pride and her friend is supporting her like her shadow!
Their eyes explains everything. Even the individual images of both ladies is out of my imagination.

You can buy this Print from my Etsy shop.

Now my next project is be to make them in Color.
Will see you soon guys, Take care.


  1. this one really impressive ....luv it

  2. this sketch is beautiful !! the details are particularly very eye catching ...fabulously done !!


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