Wednesday, June 6, 2012

2nd Birthday of CreationS and Sneak peek of my Baby-Shower

Hello my dear readers!! How are you!!
A big thank you for your Great support and appreciating my work in last two years. 
I am so Happy that my blog has completed its 2nd year, and  hope your support will be there always.

Today I am sharing something with you!!
Except my friends and family a very few people knows May 6 2012 was my Baby-shower.
An *honest* reason, why I am not able to concentrate on my work and Blog.
Sometimes due to my health and most of the times creating something for the event.
Our life is about to change and I am very much exited for that.
I wanted to do many things (creative) but I was able to make only few what I planned..

Because its a surprise, decoration was in Blue and Pink.
And we made all the decorations in Bird's theme .. That was the combined idea.
Table center-piece, Origami Birds on tree branch was a Hit,
Thanks to my friend "Bhavia" who made all those lil birds and made my idea possible.

Diaper-Cake is very famous these days for center-piece.
I was searching for DIY instructions and I found Diaper Bike.
So I choose Diaper bike for my cake table. has super easy instructions, and here is the one I made.
(Excuse me for looking too tired in this picture.)

And finally the Cake, my first baking experiment.
Trust me, Its something that I can never make. 
Before function, I made three cakes just for trial, and this was my final one.
I made this cake because of my cake-topper idea.
I had this thing in my mind since day One.
Two birds (like us) debating "Its a Girl" / "Its a Boy" (Just like us).
And it turned out so Cute, when I finally assembled every-thing. 
Just missed one thing, 
Two small tags near bird's head, like they are fighting, "Its a Girl" "Its a Boy".

May 6 was the fun day for us, a day full of surprises.
Function was super good, Many thanks to Our friends who surprised us with their dance sequences.
I will share their dance Videos soon..


  1. Congratulations again Rachana!

    Looks like you guys had a fun evening!

    Loved the cake decoration and the concept :)

    You are one CrEaTiVe girl!

    Good Luck!

    ~ Bhawna ~

  2. Everything looks so good,congrats,,.,luv the theme too,.

  3. You look adorable 'to be' parents. Your decorating details are incredible! The cake looks perfect.

  4. congrats Rachana :)..lovely preparation u made for the day :)

  5. lovely creative decorations Rachna....i am sure the he/she must have been gulping up all that creativity that was going on all over there ! Congratulations and wish a happy and glorious mommy-hood !

  6. Thank you :) Every one, for your wishes.

  7. congrats rachana.u look so adorable ....can see the -to be-mom pride on you.God bless both.Btwn when is your due?

  8. Congrats Rachana!!
    And all the very best.. Take care of your health :D

  9. Congratulation Dear.
    Very happy for you.

    Very creative decorations.


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