Wednesday, September 8, 2010

An Inspiration - Celebration of Janmashtmi

Hello People..!!!
How are you all..!!
Something new this time tooo.....

Mount : Canvas Frame
Size : 16" x 20"
Medium : Acrylics

As festival season is up in India, this is my small attempt to Create something new again..
This painting is inspired by "Rang" The blog I am following, and Archana took this on Janmashtmi, Birthday of Lord Krishna.
You can see the Actual Image below taken by Archana.

A flower on the Lamp (Kodiyu) and tiny feet of Lord Krishna.
Colours of the Image are so good, that I decided to make it..!

And you can see all the detail of the painting in these images..!!

Thank You "Rang" , Thank you Archana for inspiring me to create something new..!!

Be Safe & Think Creative..!!


  1. the actual photo is no better than ur painting..awesome..good that u copy right ur paintings..u shld do..

  2. I love Archana's works and you have copied her quite dexterously!

  3. Oh! That's beautiful!

    PreeOccupied just pointed out this to me:-)

    I might just feature it on Rang Decor!

  4. Gorgeous work---you're so talented!

  5. wow! super your blog and your talent and your work

  6. Absolutely lovely painting! Love your work! I'm off to browse some more :)


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