Sunday, June 1, 2014


Living away from family and home-town brings in many memories that we always cherish,
and after my last trip to my home I always wish I can go back to the place I belong to..

You always miss your home, no matter where-ever you are.
Indeed I live here with my husband and daughter, but I always miss my home, my home-town, the place where I am belong to..

My last trip home was special, and will always be. I enjoyed my most of the time with nature, beautiful mornings and singing birds..
And my this painting is about them only!

memories, india, parrot, parakeet, rachana saurabh

Sunrise from our building - I think I have never seen Rising Sun before.. So beautiful and calm..

How lucky I was, that I met these beautiful birds almost every morning. 
I am not a morning person but those days, I never mind to wake up at 5 AM. Its just I wanted to see them singing, flying and having fun on this beautiful Indian Coral tree.
It was March and this beautiful tree was blooming. Gorgeous red flowers and my beautiful green birds, what an awesome color combination.
After coming back, when I gathered all these memories, they inspired me to create this painting.

Memories - Acrylics on 5 in x 7 in Canvas.
Memories, sunrise, india, parakeet, rachana saurabh, indian coral tree, morning, ring neck parrot

I took 2 days but I was not able to think any other name for this one. 
It has all those moments that I'll cherish life-time, feelings that can never be express. Those beautiful mornings, Blooming red flower tree and singing bird.
My dear Parakeet I wish I could hear your songs every morning..

Detailing of my miniature parakeet. parrot, rachana saurabh, india

Hope you like my work!
Have a great day!

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